What is RITficial Intelligence?

What is RITficial Intelligence?

RIT-AI is a community of people united by our love of artificial intelligence. We meet every Wednesday at 7pm in the Golisano building, room 2400, to share our knowledge and discuss the future of humanity's most important technology.

We seek to provide a community through which aspiring engineers can develop their craft and support their peers as the latest algorithms are analyzed and explored. At RIT, the introductory class to Intelligent Systems (CSCI-331) is gated behind several layers of prerequisites. Our goal is to support those interested in honing their skills, either in preparation for these classes, or so that they can better understand the AI-infused world that we all share.

Our Team

President - Paul Galatic

Vice President - Dan Giaime

Treasurer - Ben Fairlamb

Secretary - Nathan Falkenburg

Publicist - Colin Tod

Assistant - Dylan Jackson

Assistant - Ethan Yaccarino-Mims